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The festival »extra« wants to give new views in filmmaking, experimental film and video productions (and the therein included artistic approaches) a screening plattform for three days in Leipzig.

The festival »experimental trails« is seeking film– and video–works from students and graduates of film–, art–, media– and design faculties as well as works from filmmakers without academic training. »extra« provides a contemporary three–day–plattform for new views in film and video in Leipzig.

»experimental trails« takes place in 2012 for the first time in Leipzig and stands for exeptional films and videos as well as for interesting discourses within and about the experimental art–scene.

A long–term goal is the interconnection of film and video producers and enthusiasts, furthermore the free differentiation and promotion of experimental art and the establishment of an archive consisting of experimental film and video.

There will be a publication accompanying the festival.



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