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»extra« understands itself as a festival that aims to combine discoursive and intuitional aspects of experimental film. Along these lines »extra« consists of a structured exhibition parcours and curated screenings which are accompanied by experts' presentations and a concluding panel diskussion.

The exhibition parcours gives the opportunity to the public to watch all the submitted works on the festival area and to relate all the submissions to each other. This presentation mode shall reveal the diversity of the submitted works and give the curated screenings the necessary transparency – all in all it aims at enabling a discussion about the underlying rating criteria.

The curated screening is composed of selected submissions. The participants will be invited to Leipzig to make it possible to get in contact, to network and to give/get new impulses for ones own artistic approach. The selected works will be presented as separate screenings on three succeeding days and submitted to a jury as well as to the public feedback. Subsequently three submissions will be awarded.

On two evenings, invited experimental fimmakers will present and discuss their work outside of the regular competition. A discussion panel consisting of regional filmgroups, independent productions, teachers, students and alumni of the Avademy of Visual Arts Leipzig (HGB), the Leipzig University of Apllied Science (HTWK) and the University of Leipzig will be held on Saturday, September 1st 2012.

Special attention is given to the exchange between theoreticians and producers, between representatives of film, art, design and media. If nothing else, the aim is to examine today's image culture crtitically and playfully and to reflect it productively.

Leipzig as a self-declared media-city provides a suitable space for the involvement with experimental film and video. On the one side the Academy of Visual Arts stands for a wide range of video and media art – a tendency of smaller artistic revenue compared to painting, graphic and photography. In this regard »extra«'s approach underlines the artistic motivation of working outside the main stream.

The character of something experimental (understood as something to be tested and tried out) complies with the existing cultural and artistic commitment in Leipzig as well as with the subcultural movements. In immediate geographical neighbourhood to the ›Media City Leipzig‹ there will be an open, diverse and contextualised approach to experimental film and video.



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